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Track your goals, access the gym anytime and keep 5000 exercises in your back pocket!

Trying to stay motivated when losing weight or gaining fitness can be hard. Motivation comes from having the opportunity to train and from seeing and feeling the results. With the RED Strength app, you get access to premade workouts which you can dip into anytime – first thing in the morning, during your lunch break, after work, or whenever else suits you. With video instructions for over 5000 exercise and the ability to monitor your progress and get nutritional advice, it’s like having a trainer on hand 24/7.

Tap the QR Check-In and scan your barcode through the window at the gym for 24/7 access!


Build Your Own Workout

Create your own workout of your own choosing! Easily choose what exercises to do based on the muscle groups you want to hit!
build your own workout
choose your exercises

Choose Your Exercises

With over 5000 exercises to choose from, there are enough variations of every exercise to always stay engaged!

Or Let Us Choose For You

We can create a custom workout plan for you, and schedule them for every day of the week!

Personal training for one-on-one interaction and feedback, helping you train smarter, more effectively, and safer!

let us choose for you
track your progress

Track Your Progress

With over 350 ways of tracking your progress from weight, to 1RM, to body measurements, you can see just how much you improve over time! Each exercise also provides options for seeing progress and 1RM estimators.
Make today the day your fitness goals stop being a dream and become a reality

Access to the gym and more

Red Strengh App Summary

The RED Strength app provides access to the gym, and much much more! Try it out today on iOS and Android!

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