How it all began

The Red Strength Story

I have always had a passion for the human body and how it works from a very young age. With my mother being a nurse, her work intrigued me about how every muscle, bone, hormone, breath, and thought all work together to make our bodies function. With my father being an engineer, I was always fascinated about how forces are applied in different ways, and how they interact with each other. Once I overcame my own physical insecurities through strength training, I started to understand how I could combine my love for the anatomy and physiology of the body with my engineering mindset, as well as my passion to teach. I became a personal trainer, and discovered that I thoroughly enjoy helping people achieve things, but more importantly, I truly love helping people get better. From this, RED was conceptualized.

In 2018, I underwent a surgery for a rare knee issue called “snapping bicep femoris syndrome,” which left me non weight bearing for 6 weeks, and with months of recovery. Throughout my recovery, I worked with a couple of wonderful physical therapists who took me as far as they could with the equipment that they had available, and I had to do the rest on my own. Luckily, I had the knowledge and training to understand what I needed to do and why. And then, it hit me. I realized most people do not have the advantage of knowing what exercises to do, how to do them, how much is too much or too little, let alone having access to the necessary equipment to do so. From this, RED was born.

RED is an acronym for Recover, Enhance, Develop. This defines my vision for the gym simply. My reason for this gym is to provide the equipment needed for success, and my purpose as a personal trainer is to assist everyone that comes to me to recover, enhance, or develop their fitness. No matter if you want to recover the strength or stamina of your younger years or your pre-surgery days, enhance the foundation you have already built, or develop a strength or skill you have never had, I am committed to helping you achieve any or all of it. I will work one on one with you through personal training, and even work directly with your physical therapist or physician to ensure your path to return to life is effective and without injury. Please come on by, and we can talk about how Exercise Is Medicine, and how I can help you achieve your goals, and even create new ones you never thought possible.

Alex Stevenson – Owner

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer